Should my relative be paying for care costs?

If an individual’s need for care is primarily due to health reasons, then the NHS are obligated to meet the cost of care in full, irrespective of what assets the individual has.  This funding is known as continuing healthcare care and meets the cost of care in full.

Is my relative entitled to continuing healthcare funding?

Continuing healthcare funding is provided where an individual’s need for care is primarily due to health reasons.  This determination is made following assessments and a conclusion that their needs are either complex, intense, and or unpredictable in their nature.  Whilst it is not the case that everyone will be entitled to this funding, the bar being applied is often too high and individuals who ought to be receiving the funding are denied it incorrectly.

Emphia Law are specialists in the complex area of continuing healthcare funding and our lawyers have experience of successfully securing funding for our clients where it has been incorrectly denied.

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